Our COVID-19 Restrictions: Learn More


In order to ensure the optimum safety of our patrons, artists, volunteers and staff, the Opera House Board of Directors has put into place the following precautions as we return to live performances.

As of September, show attendees must have completed a full round of vaccination for Covid-19 no less than two weeks prior to the event OR must have been professionally tested with a negative result within 72 hours of entry. Vaccinated patrons must provide proof in the form of a vaccination card - or photo of your card. If you are using a photo, you will also be asked to show a photo ID.  Tested patrons must provide printed proof of a negative result and a photo ID.

In addition, all patrons will be required to wear face masks that cover both the nose and mouth at all times while inside the building.

On our end, all staff, production crews, volunteers and artists are vaccinated and will be wearing masks - except while on stage.

The Opera House HVAC systems have been retrofitted with high grade filters and additional fresh air intakes to continuously sanitize the theater. New heating/air conditioning units are being installed in the lobby and dressing rooms.

The theater is cleaned and sanitized between every event and we have hand sanitizer stations throughout common areas. Our concessions bar will only sell water until it is safe to reintroduce baked goods and other snacks. We ask that masks be lowered only when drinking and readjusted over the face in between sips.

We’re all in this together and we all have a part to play in maximizing the health and safety of everyone at our venue. Staff will be strictly enforcing the above health and safety requirements and guests who do not comply with our health procedures will be denied entry or will be asked to leave the Opera House.

Thanks for your patience and understanding! We, like you, look forward to a time soon when these safety requirements can be dropped and we can return to normalcy. Until then, we will monitor and comply with the CDC and Vermont Department of Health’s safety recommendations.