Young Tradition Vermont Touring Group Concert

Date: Saturday Jan 04, 2020
Time: 7:00 PM
Price: suggested $15 donation

Trad music and dance featuring the 25 member teen group touring Japan in April 2020, including artist leaders Oliver Scanlon and Romy Munkres. The opening set includes guest performers Pete Sutherland and Jeremiah McLane. 

The Young Tradition Touring Group are teen players, singers and dancers who focus on learning and performing traditional music and dance repertoire over the course of a 9-month, early September through early May session, including an April performance tour.  Group members learn from and are supported by artist leaders, visiting master musicians and dancers/dance leaders, in addition to musical exchanges with master artists, young musicians and dancers while on performance tours.  Touring Groups have previously traveled to Scotland, Japan, Cape Breton, Northumberland in England, the West Coast of Ireland, and metropolitan New York and New Jersey.  In late April 2020, the group is planning the Japan tour.