"The Adventures of Sharp Ears, A Sly Fox" - No Strings Marionettes

Date: Sunday Apr 14, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM
Price: $7.50

With the puppeteers in full view, the audience experiences the magic first-hand as the marionettes are brought to life. The beloved artisans of the No Strings Marionette Company handcraft the beautiful puppets, props, and scenery with which they spin family-friendly tales both classic and original.

On a stroll in the woods on a sultry summer morning, forester Bartos encounters a fox kit. He nabs the young vixen to bring home as a pet for his grandson. The family dog, Catcher, teaches Sharp Ears how to live within the constrains of human rules.  But will a full belly and a safe life in a confined farm yard be enough for the vixen to compromise her wild ways?   

A cast of hand crafted marionettes, both wild and tame, populate the forest and farmyard of The Cunning Little Vixen. The performance, a tribute to the classic 1920 Czechoslovakian novel by Rudolf Tesnohlidek, engages the senses in a seamless blend of movement, music and masterful marionette manipulation.

Puppeteers Dan Baginski and Barbara Paulson originally crafted a shorter version of this puppet play to open for the children’s opera “Brundibar.” Sharp-Ears’ compelling story warranted further investigation, and so this longer stage version was born. Told with minimal dialog to a soundtrack of eclectic music, No Strings Marionette Company hopes this story about triumph over injustice will allow audiences to connect with their own true nature.