No Strings Marionettes: "Nick of Time - "BOH Presents"

Date: Sunday Mar 18, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM
Price: $7.50

Join us on a fun-filled adventure that is truly out of this world! On a special mission to explore a mysterious dark object nearing planet Earth, a rocket ship carrying Astronaut Nick Eastman and his hoverbot Glitch attracts a deep space alien.

Investigating, Nick is sucked into a time-warp and lands millions of years in Earth's dinosaur-riddled past. Snatched as a pterodactyl snack, Nick escapes only to be warped into a bizarre future where creatures have mutated to survive on a barely recognizable Earth. Get hooked on science and science fiction with the foundations of this rollicking show.

This heart-pounding marionette extravaganza probes many unexplored and intriguing dimensions of puppetry where our one of a kind hand crafted marionettes span a wide range of size, style and time periods.. See if our time travelers decode the gravity of their situation and save the Earth in the Nick of Time.