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Date: Friday Apr 07, 2023
Time: 7:30 PM
Price: $18-27


Uganda’s Dance of Hope is Africa’s leading Youth-based Arts Education Program that captures the messages of hope and resilience emanating from memorable stage productions, cross-cultural programs, and youth outreach.

This program explores the primal transforming power of music, dance and storytelling by empowering, inspiring and connecting young people and communities globally, while bringing awareness and raising support to provide quality education for children living in impoverished communities and improving the way of life for their families.

DANCE OF HOPE passionately brings Africa’s sensational sounds and colorful choreography to global audiences of all ages, all swirling in gorgeous smiles of children; many of whom have come from the worst environments imaginable to turn negative stories into positive ones while they aim to inspire others to do the same. This vibrant music, dance and storytelling spectacular brings Africa’s young performers with triumphant turnaround stories, showcasing a resilience born out of sounds that enhance creativity, persistence, and change.

Dance of Hope performers have reached and impacted over 45000 children and hundreds of families globally through cross cultural experiences. They have visited schools, festivals, performing arts centers and various cultural institutions to showcase, perform, teach, and share cultural heritage from their homeland. The touring members are ambassadors to the thousands of children living on the continent of Africa and this program is the gateway for them to uplift self-esteem while bringing their arts and stories. to the global stage.

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