"Alice in Wonderland" - presented by Moving Light Dance Company

Date: Saturday Jun 01, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM
Price: advance: $15-25

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole as she embarks on a fantastical journey through a magical mayhem world. 

Put on your white gloves, wind up your pocket watch, and get ready to pop down the rabbit hole with literature's most adventurous girl.  Alice is a ballet heroine like no other--unfailingly polite, irresistibly inquisitive and utterly unflappable in the face of all her experiences! 

Guaranteed to amuse and confuse, this original interpretation of Lewis Carroll's classic coming of age tale includes a cast of well-known, colorful characters, from the illusive White Rabbit, the mysterious Cheshire Cat with his mischievous grin, the cranky Queen of Heart and her army of playing cards, the hilarious Mad Hatter and his madcap cronies, to the ever-philosophizing Caterpillar. 

Join friends and family on an exciting excursion brought to life by all-ages, 100-member cast of professional company dancers and scores of local students, with all-original choreography, and an imaginative array of locally made sets and costumes.