Moving Light Presents Peter Pan

Date: Saturday Jun 03, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM
Price: Adults $20; Children $15 (ages 3 - 17)

Moving Light Dance Presents

Peter Pan

Adventures in Love and Imagination


Moving Light Dance embodies the story, by J.M. Barrie, of the wild and beloved Peter Pan and the Darling children’s adventures in Neverland. In this colorful, creative telling of the classic story the doors to the power of imagination open. Mrs. Darling first hears of Peter and Neverland when tidying up her children’s minds while they sleep peacefully. One evening she dreams of a strange boy breaking through from Neverland and in the gap she sees Wendy, John and Michael peeping through.  She wakes to the nursery window blown open and the boy standing in the room. Nana, the dog and children’s nurse, manages to capture the boy’s shadow before he flies out the window and Mrs. Darling shuts it in a drawer for safe keeping. When Peter comes to retrieve his shadow the children’s adventures begin.

The children excitedly choose the freedom of a journey and exploring Neverland, a place of their own creation. They fly in the clouds with birds and stars to the Island of fairies, pirates, warriors, the Never Bird, tropical flowers, mermaids and the lagoon with flamingos, fish and seahorses. They live among the lost children whom fell from their prams and followed Peter and the fairies to Neverland. Wendy’s presence is maternal, telling the children stories and making sure they take their medicine. Peter’s affection for Wendy creates a jealous Tinkerbell. Hook’s obsession with avenging Peter for the hand he lost to the crocodile leads Peter, Wendy, John, Michael the lost children into a final battle with the Pirates. Wendy, John and Michael yearn for the love and comfort of their parents and long to return home. In the children’s absence Mr. Darling remembers the joy in youth and the importance of imagination in creating everyday life. Mrs. and Mr. Darling adopt the lost children and Wendy pleas for Peter to come home to their family. Peter refuses, “I’m youth, I’m joy… no one is going to catch me and make me a man,” reminding us all to hold the child within close with love.

This production features choreography by director Christine Harris, Avi Waring and the dancers. The show is performed by a huge cast of 80 dancers of all ages and levels and is beautifully woven together into a complete ballet.  It boasts original costumes by Emily Wheeler, Anne Labrusciano, and Susan LaValley and hand crafter sets by Joe John. Set to beautiful music, this performance sweeps from scene to scene, glittering with the magic of a story spoken without words, all danced from the heart.


Two shows only, at the Barre Opera House:

Saturday June 3rd   at 7 pm

Sunday June 4th    at 2 pm

Tickets are available ahead of time at the BOH box office, by phone, or at the door